Chris Brown goes off on his haters!?

Chris Brown seems to have taken over the world of entertainment from singing to dance, but he doesn’t typically sound off on his social media about his haters…until now! Chris took to his IG Story to deliver this message…“Shut up and just listen to the damn music,” he wrote. “Only people that give a f__k about others’ personal problems have a personal problem…..So please please take it personal if I stunt, s__t, or flex on you! I’m not you and you could never be me. The lie was that we are the same.” He goes on to say, “No the f__k we ain’t! Know that…” Chris added, “If I can’t earn your respect….I’ll earn your fear. Can’t dim my light but can’t brighten yours by focusing on you…Hoped this helped/hurt some feelings!” We’re not sure who, or what has set Chris off, but he apparently wanted to get this off his chest! Calm down Chris, you’re in a lane of your own and winning!

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