Chris Brown had a meltdown over The 65th Grammy Awards after being nominated and not winning “Best R&B Album.” After Chris Brown went into attack mode via social media at Robert Glasper, he is now apologizing for his posts after losing the Best R&B album to Robert. Chris said, “Congratulations, my brother. I would like to apologize if you took offense to my reaction at the Grammys.” He continued, “You were not the intended target, and I know I came off really rude and mean. After doing my research, I actually think [you’re] amazing. The organization isn’t doing us Blacks our due diligence.” He added, “You and I should never be in the same category. Two totally different vibes and genres. So from one Black man to another, congratulations. Hope you are able to feed your family for life. God bless my G.” Brown was apologizing for initially saying this about Robert’s win, “WHO THE F**K IS ROBERT GLASPER…IMA KEEP KICKING YALL ASS! RESPECTFULLY.” Did you think Chris Brown did the right thing apologizing?

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