Chris Brown and Sony Music hit with copyright infringement lawsuit!

R&B singer Chris Brown and Sony Music have just been hit with a copyright infringement lawsuit, over his 2017 hit single “Privacy!?” The lawsuit claims that “Privacy” illegally uses parts of reggae artist Red Rat’s 1997’s “Tight Up Skirt.” The publishing company claims that it owns and administers the music publishing rights to “Tight Up Skirt” in the U.S., court documents allege that Chris Brown used parts of the song “without permission.” Red Rat’s version includes..“Hey you girl inna di tight upskirt,” and Brown’s includes, “Hey you girl without a tight upskirt.” The publishing company is seeking over 500,000 in damages, and over 1,000,000 for gains and profits made as a result of copyright infringement. To add insult to injury, the publishing company even want to prevent any new creation, promotion or selling of “any materials that are substantially similar to the copyrighted work.” In this case, there was a musical sample being used, however the claim is against the core part, or words from the original work, what are your thoughts???

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