Checkers & Rally’s Are The Real MVP’s…National Fry Day Is Officially Changed!

It looks like Checkers and Rally’s petition to move National French Fry Day worked! According to a press release from the chains, National French Fry Day Day will now fall on the second Friday of July! “It’s humbling to see our country unite for a common goal they feel so passionate about, but I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised after all, for the love of the fry is strong,” said National Day Calendar founder Marlo Anderson. “I, in good conscience, cannot ignore the voice of the people, who simply want to ‘fry-ght’ a wrong that’s been in place for far too long. National Fry Day, you are and will forevermore be on a Friday.” Of course, we’ll have to wait for the change until next year. Have you ever petitioned for something? Was it something fun like this or more serious? Your thoughts??? Hit us @hiphopb965

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