It looks like the “Terminator” movies might have gotten it wrong. It’s not the machines that are going to take over Earth; it’s our cell phones.

People all over the country have been reporting they’ve either received strange texts from friends or relatives, or their phones have sent texts they didn’t write. Some are nonsensical, such as the text Debra Achatz received from her dead husband that read, “Dakota.” Some are mischievous, like the one received by a Twitter user from his wife: “Am I gonna get sued for sexual harassment?” And others aren’t so bad, like the phantom message sent from Twitter user Princess Fiona’s phone. She tweeted, “Did anyone’s phone send a text message to someone else that was never sent? Apparently my husband got a text from me saying I loved him and Happy Valentines Day … and I never sent that to him and doesn’t appear on my phone.”

So far, no one has come forward with a rational explanation for this phenomenon.

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