Cardi B Reacts to “Queen Of Hip-Hop” Claims

The Brox raised superstar should honestly be no stranger to the debate at this point as it’s unfortunately inevitable due to the weird highlander culture that fans and critics alike have always gone out of our way to apply to women in the rap game.


From Lil Kim vs Foxy Brown to eventually even Nicki Minaj… Whenever a talented woman makes a splash in the game the rumblings start. By the time Nicki had finally settled the beef with Kim, Cardi had arrived, and here we are.

During the premiere of Halle Berry’s Bruised, on Saturday (November 13th) the actor of course took a moment to talk about the all-female soundtrack that was curated by herself and Cardi B. Of course she spoke highly of her collaborator, even going as far as naming the rapper the “Queen of Hip-Hop,” and truuuusst the Barbz weren’t happy about it. Fast forward about 24 hours to Sunday where Winnie Harlow was due to announce the winner for Best Hip-Hop female at the 2021 Europe Music Awards. The winner was none other than; Nicki Minaj, who Winnie of course went as far as claiming; “the one and only Queen of Hip Hop,” a likely jab at Halle’s comment.

Cardi B took to Twitter to respond to people who were flooding her timeline over comments that Halle Berry and Winnie Harlow recently made regarding the current or everlasting(?) “Queen of Hip-Hop.”
(I clearly don’t know how rap royalty actually works, and for that I apologize)

Who do you think should be crowned the “Queen of Hip-Hip?”

Can’t we all just get along and coexist respectfully or is that too much to ask?

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