Bryson Tiller pays for billboards around Louisville, Ky. in honor of Breonna Taylor!

Bryson Tiller took to his social media ahead of his 3rd LP release “Anniversary,” to address and express his appreciation for Breonna Taylor’s life and the support that she has received posthumously. Tiller writes “The blatant racism that I’ve dealt with growing up in Kentucky, whether it was at Church Camp or School or just walking down the street and hearing people drive by and yell out racial slurs, i know exactly how it feels..” He goes on to say..“A lot of us feel like we lost a sister and many of us feel like it was because of racism. And then you have the people who are condemning others based on how they feel which… doesn’t feel right at all. Truth is, all we wanted to see was the right thing be done and here we are feeling wronged once again. We love you Breonna. You brought the city together like I’ve never seen before. Rest easy Queen we will NEVER forget you & will continue to fight for you!” There are (3) billboards across the city of Louisville in honor of Breonna Taylor’s life with a quote from Bryson Tiller. Follow our social media @hiphopb965 for more updates with Bryson Tiller and his new LP “Anniversary!” dropping October 2nd 2020!

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