Americans Can Only Tolerate 4 Hours With Their Families!?

According to a recent study, Americans can only tolerate 4 hours with their families before needing a break. If you spend an average of at least 5 hours together during the holidays for a period of time, I guess you’re in good shape, and doing better than most Americans! Here’s what we found!

  • Americans love their families…in small doses.
  • A survey of 2,000 Americans who are traveling to visit family for the holidays found respondents can spend an average of three hours and 54 minutes with their family before needing a moment to themselves.
  • About 75% of survey respondents say they hit a point where they need time away from the crowd.
  • The Motel 6 poll also found that people get creative when escaping, with 1-in-4 saying they have hidden in a relative’s house to be alone.
  • About 37% have gone as far as to make an excuse and leave the house altogether.
  • Be honest…what’s the ideal amount of time to spend with your whole family?

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