After the arrest of Derrick Chauvin and 3 officers accused of murdering George Floyd, what’s next?

With the recent arrest of all 4 officers charged in the death of George Floyd, what’s next? Protesters are happy about charges, but say that means nothing without convictions! When people are dying and laying everything on the line amidst a global pandemic, it’s telling of the state of these issues regarding police brutality, injustice and inequality! What’s next, is peacefully resolving these issues through protests, talks and voting! Also getting convictions and holding people accountable for criminal acts that are in power. At the forefront of these topics is justice and equality and people have been fighting for this for over 60 years with the civil rights movement. It’s time for change, but as we all get older, don’t we all change and reflect on the ignorance of our youth? Some people do, and a lot don’t….#unitedforjustice

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