Watch Robnhood Tra New Visual “Thirty8” Now

Once upon a time there was a kid in College Park, Atlanta named Tra. Tra had 17 brothers and sisters, and not a lot of options to support them financially, so he decided to start working outside the law. He gave himself the name RobnHood Tra, and set out to steal from the rich to give to the poor.

Eventually Tra ended up in jail, where he had to reconsider the path he was on (and where he made an appearance on A&E’s jail-themed reality show 60 Days In). He dedicated himself to turning his life outside the law into the material for not just a song or an album, but an entire musical career that could keep his family fed without having to worry about getting locked up again. By the time he left jail after an eight month bid he had enough lyrics in his notebook to fill three mixtapes and an album.

Since Tra got out of jail he’s been working on music like his life depended on it. In the early days of his rap mission he was so committed to training up from a promising novice rapper to a legitimate threat that he slept in abandoned houses. His hard work has paid off. “Exit 66,” which shouts out the neighborhood he grew up in, hit the Atlanta streets hard enough to turn heads across the nation, and “Thirty8” has earned millions of hits on WorldStarHipHop and a nod from Pitchfork. After watching peers like Lil Baby and Gunna rise up out of his neighborhood and go global, it looks like RobnHood Tra’s poised to join them.

It’s not hard to see what all the fuss is about. Hip-hop has been in need of rappers who are out here doing it for the streets instead of the socials. Listeners are hungry for the kind of authentic storytelling that Tra’s lyrics are built on. They’re looking for someone who knows how to stand out from the crowd the way that only someone with 17 siblings knows how to, and they can find it in his unique vocal style, which injects Atlanta-style melodicism with hard-hitting influence of heavyweights like Eminem and 50 Cent. You better keep an eye on RobnHood Tra–he’s about to run off with the game.

“Thirty8” out now. Listen here:

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