Big Homie

  • Monday-Friday
  • 7:00pm-12:00am

The #HomieHookUp with BIG HOMIE

#iLoveMyBigHomie echos throughout the streets of Louisville.  Dominating nights on  radio from 7pm-12midnight Monday- Friday ,where everyone can get their #HomieHookUp.

Its not all ratings with Big Homie as he serves the Louisville community outside of radio as well. When Big Homie is not hosting an event you can catch him speaking to area high schools, working with nonprofits and also coaching little football. As a father and the eldest of four siblings the spotlight has always been a part of Big Homies life.   “We must not only prepare the future but protect it by setting examples today” is the mantra Big Homie holds himself to.  Keep up with Big Homie as he continues building excellence in the city of Louisville follow him on your Instagram, twitter and snapchat at BigHomieRadio.

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