By Jessica Johnson

The Cardinals are on their way to the American Athletic Conference Semi- Finals! Russ Smith and Montrezl Harrell seem to be leading the way. Smith and Harrell definitely set the tone on March 8th thrashing UConn with a final score of 81-48. During the UConn game Smith set a record of 13 assists definitely making the Brooklyn born baller March eye candy. Harrell played his role in the UConn uproar scoring 20 points with 11 rebounds definitely putting the North Carolina native on top of his game. So the big question is where do the Louisville Cards stand in the rankings? According to ESPN the Louisville Cards don’t look bad at all. Louisville currently holds an overall record of 26-5 and a conference record of 15-3. The most notable wins are Southern Miss, SMU (Southern Methodist University) twice, UConn, and last but not least Cincinnati beating them on their own court. Unfortunately our five notable losses come from North Carolina, Cincinnati, Memphis twice, and regrettably our UK rival who we most definitely owe. It’s bracket time! The Louisville Cards are looking like they will be in the top five picks, currently sitting at no. 5 in the nation. Louisville’s RPI ranking is 24 and the BPI ranking is 5. Numbers don’t lie, and the truth always hurts. One thing is for sure, the Louisville Cards are definitely on their way to success after just ripping poor Rutgers apart with a final score of 92-31!        
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