EZ Bluegrass

Sunday - 6:00 pm - Midnight

Louisville’s Own Homegrown”, E.Z. Bluegrass IS Louisville and he holds it down for his city every Sunday night from 6:00 pm to Midnight. 

E.Z. is a second generation radio performer who has been around the business since early childhood. The things he learned growing up helped him develop his on – air talent. Program Director, Mark Gunn observes that “What I love about E.Z. is that he’s so relatable. He can talk about anything happening in the 502 and you get exactly where he’s coming from”.
His connection with music started as a young Hip – Hop artist, teaming up with Louis Keys. They honed their skills on the mic by performing at several venues in and around Kentuckiana. E.Z. has also made appearances as a featured artist on Keys’ album projects.
As a college football standout, he’s as comfortable talking X’s and O’s as he is talking about anything else. It’s that ease that also led him into the world of stand – up comedy, ripping up shows and open mic nights.
In the mix of all that, he’s developed quite the reputation as a man that can throw down in the kitchen. He also raises American Bulldogs.
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Location : Louisville
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