Every morning, wake up with Russ Parr, Alfredas, SupaKen and the crew! Maybe you got what it takes to win $100 in the "Name Game"! Each morning 6am til 10pm!
Juan Hustle, the energetic midday hosts for #TeamB965 hails from Nashville, TN by way of southern Indiana (Evansville).
The afternoon hostess hailing from Cleveland gets you through your afternoon drive.
Ya playa potna Big Homie! Weeknights 7pm til midnight!

Marlyce Woods-Johnson serves a dual roll at Alpha Media Louisville. She is the Senior Marketing Specialist for WGZB-FM B96.5 and WMJM-FM Magic 101.3, and On-Air Personality for WGZB-FM B96.5. She has been with B96.5 and Magic 101.3 for over 16 years.
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