Monday - Saturday
10 a - 3 p

With over 15 years experience, DJ Q relocated to “The ‘Ville” in January 2000 and has worked his way up on the local dj circuit to spinning clubs, concerts, special events and frequent guest appearances on BET’s Rap City. 
Determined to reach new goals, Q set out to become a mixer on the #1 station in the city,

The Church Lady
8 a - Noon 

Marlyce Woods-Johnson serves a dual roll at Main Line Broadcasting…she is the Senior Marketing Specialist for WGZB-FM B96.5 and WMJM-FM Magic 101.3, and On-Air Personality for WGZB-FM B96.5. She has been with B96.5 and Magic 101.3 for over 16 years. Her marketing expertise and billing achievement have earned her many  awards over the

Sunday - 3:00 pm - 6:00 pm

“Dream BIG!”
DJ Empty Beats is a Louisville, Kentucky DJ, Voice Actor, Radio Personality, Production Director, Editor, Graphic Designer and Mixer.
“I am not just a DJ, I’m an Entertainer.”Born and raised in The ‘Ville, EB got his start in early 2008 dropping a mixtape series Step In2 the Bad

Sunday - 6:00 pm - Midnight

Louisville’s Own Homegrown”, E.Z. Bluegrass IS Louisville and he holds it down for his city every Sunday night from 6:00 pm to Midnight. 
E.Z. is a second generation radio performer who has been around the business since early childhood. The things he learned growing up helped him develop his on – air talent. Program
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