International Women’s Day Honoree: Valerie Sickles

With today being International Women’s Day across the world, I’d like to honor #TeamB965 and Magic 101.3’s very own, Valerie Sickles.

Since my arrival in the Louisville market in 2015, I’ve personally had the pleasure to not only work with this Louisville gem, but also learn from her. Valerie has served and will continue to serve this Louisville community with her unwavering commitment to excellence and honor through and immense amount of resources that she has developed in this city.

Ms. Val, on behalf of #TeamB965, thank you for your commitment over the past 17yrs with us here at Alpha Media Louisville and we wish you nothing but the best in your next endeavor.

My friend, we’ll miss you around these hallways and meetings. I know whatever God has instore for you next, you knock it out the park as you always do.

Juan Hustle




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